Are you set up for life? Are you Thriving?

We all know people who THRIVE. They get the most out of life, they have a sparkle in their eyes, a spring in the step and they relish all that life has to offer. Of course, they weren’t born that way. They develop, they read, they think clearly and apply knowledge and insights to living their lives so they get the most out of life. When life knocks them down, as it does to everyone from time to time, they bounce back. The life they lead is as happy as it is fulfilling. So what separates those who live their lives to the full, and others whose quality of life is undermined by anxiety, worry and stress?

Luck?  Parents?  Education?  Religion?  Fate?  Bank Balance?

It really is tempting to look beyond ourselves for the causes of success or lack of it. But no matter how hard we look, we will never find the secret of success beyond ourselves.  Those who thrive differ from those that don’t in only respect: their mindset.

Those who are thriving believe life is all about getting the right beliefs, attitudes and values in place, so they can thrive, blossom and flourish. 

They develop positive perspectives and embrace — even relish — challenges as opportunities. Not only that, they develop resilience so that when adversity strikes, as it does for all of us from time to time, they quickly bounce back. They don’t stay stuck. They set meaningful goals for personal growth and implement the right strategies for achieving them.  

They live life to the full. They excel. They thrive.

Is that YOU? Or do you doubt you can ever live life to the full?

If you have low (or no) expectations, perhaps you believe that nothing you do will make things better, and that what happens to you depends on circumstances largely beyond your control? Maybe you don’t feel you deserve a better life? Perhaps the fear of failing stops you trying something new; so you prefer instead to seek refuge in a comfort zone? Did you make a New Year resolution this year? Or did you not bother because you’d rather not set yourself to fail?

If life is as good as it will ever get, you are imposing self-limiting beliefs on yourself. You know that life SHOULD be so much more enjoyable. But … isn’t. Perhaps you feel that life is something that happens to you. But those who are Thriving love the life they lead. And so can you!

It doesn’t matter whether you have phobias, an unhealthy life style, emotional turmoil, or just feel anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, or just plain unhappy — The Thrive Programme was created for you. It’s an established and incredibly successful psychological coaching model centred on personal growth, continuous learning and self-improvement.  Its foundations are grounded in the proven techniques drawn from positive psychology, and derive from founder Rob Kelly’s  twenty-five years’ clinical experience. And, of course, it is solidly underpinned up by an extensive body of published scientific research.

Your age doesn’t matter. But I do tend to specialise in helping the over 40s.

Your background, your childhood, and your upbringing are all irrelevant. Anyone CAN learn to thrive — and in so doing you can erase the mindset that has held you back and replace it with one that is far more empowering. For more information about what the Thrive Programme is all about, click on this short animation.

The Thrive Programme can literally set you up for life. Why not get in touch and schedule a free 30-minute no obligation consultation?  Although I am based in Munster, Ireland, I can link to you on Skype “@ThrivingwithJohn” or Facetime by prior arrangement.