It’s your business to prosper and flourish

It’s often been said that an organisation – non-profit or otherwise — is only as healthy as the people that comprise it. And stress in the workplace is now quite literally reaching a crisis point. The world of work is currently besieged by a whole raft of problems that gravely undermine well-being as well as productivity, a few examples of which include:

  • absenteeism
  • alcohol/drug abuse
  • poor work-life balance
  • excess stress
  • inter-personal conflict.

Current surveys show that there is also widespread additional stress and disquiet experienced by women trying to balance the demands of home/careers.

Although many wellness initiatives have traditionally tried to help with physical well-being, few are effective at removing the stresses that undermine the mind to function effectively.

So how can your organisation blossom and flourish?

Almost every issue or problem that detracts from better quality lives is driven by psychological and/or emotional forces. There has never been a more timely need for individuals to learn how better to manage their thoughts, emotions and beliefs — and in so doing, be more in charge of their lives, instead of being manipulated by other people and circumstances. And you know only too well that most people would like nothing more than finding a way to bring about positive, lasting changes for themselves. So what organsation would not benefit from their people achieving that?

Workplaces with a minimum of stress and optimal engagement will always out-perform those where employees dread coming into work.

If you work in, or know of, a business or public sector organisation that would benefit from our genuinely innovative way of achieving a happier workplace, you have only to get in touch.

Author: John Castleford

Three trips into and out of the pit of depression is three too many. Having turned my life around by learning to understand the link between thoughts, thinking style, emotions and behaviour, self-talk and belief systems, -- these all helped me develop the insights I needed to make lasting change. And why keep the process to myself? Why not avail yourself of something that has been proven to work again and again? It can literally set you up for life.