Summer holidays soon! Sun, sea… (spoiled by fear of flying?)

It’s holiday time! Guaranteed sun! Fun! Stress-free… except perhaps the unavoidable hassles of jetting off. Who doesn’t hate the queues and inevitable delays in crowded airports – to say nothing of having to endure cheap, cattle-class, no-frills if we want a low-cost flight?

But while we all have to grin and bear the gritty no-frills experience, several million will also spend endless hours with white knuckles, before and during the flight, gripped by fear – and often it’s not just “a fear” of flying: many are downright petrified.  If you’re also claustrophobic, it’s even worse, of course.

It doesn’t matter that statistically you’re far more likely to have an accident on the journey to the airport: the odds of a plane crash are 1 in 1.2 million flights, and the odds of dying is almost ten times higher – 1:11,000,000, which is close to the same odds of winning a lottery jackpot.

Even though probability of it happening to you is infinitesimally remote, the fear is real, and far from distant.

So what can you do? Suffer? Or DO something about it?

You can, of course, attend a 1:1 fly-with-confidence course run by British Airways, with prices starting at £2,950 (or £699 if you don’t mind joining nine others).

Or you can let me help you. Because the good news is that, even though you may have a fear of flying SEEMS real, it’s actually something you create. It’s being created by thoughts. It’s not something “happening to you.” Help is at hand.

Fear of flying – and all other phobias – can be overcome incredibly easily. And no, that doesn’t mean dragging you to an aircraft, strapping you in for the flight, and when it’s over saying, “there you are – nothing to worry about!”

Instead, I can help you overcome your fear by helping you to re-think your beliefs, restructure your style of thinking, and by giving you the psychological insights that help you understand the link between how you think and how you feel. Don’t take my word for it – hundreds have overcome their fear of flying this way – and now look forward to flying off to the sun. Even on no-frills cattle class!

Find out more by calling me on 08385 88283 (Republic of Ireland) or 07597 232 000 (UK).

Author: John Castleford

Three trips into and out of the pit of depression is three too many. Having turned my life around by learning to understand the link between thoughts, thinking style, emotions and behaviour, self-talk and belief systems, -- these all helped me develop the insights I needed to make lasting change. And why keep the process to myself? Why not avail yourself of something that has been proven to work again and again? It can literally set you up for life.