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Headshot ColourI’m a former teenager who has been round the sun so many times that my birthday cakes now look like forest fires. I have been a teacher since 1976 and a student for most of my life, with a particular fondness for anthropology, archaeology and psychology, some of which were pursued in hallowed halls of learning.

Having spent far too much time in the introspective pit of mid-life despair whilst teaching, Ialso took up life coaching in the 1990s. How’s that for a mirror on the soul? I soon realised life-coaching had serious shortcomings, because the rather superficial techniques did little to revamp the neural pathways that condition persistent low mood and gloomy horizons. Similarly NLP (which is really life-coaching with a more esoteric and abstruse vocabulary) and CBT. Isn’t alphabet soup conceptually numbing?

In the twilight of my teaching career I became intensively involved, via the medium of professional association casework, in helping some of my fellow teachers, who were finding it increasingly hard to cope with the arduous challenges that are all too frequently encountered in teaching. Some were being bullied by insensitive (and often emotionally incompetent) senior colleagues. Others found the accountability requirements too onerous. A short-lived dalliance trying to help those committed to ending the culture of institutional bullying proved as pragmatically ineffective as the endeavours were laudable.

Then I realised how much more preferable it was for individuals to develop an empowering mind set, resilience and a genuinely positive outlook. That led me to you. Everything happens for a reason, so if you were led here, do get in touch.

If you enjoyed reading my blogs, thank you. I write as often as I can about aspects of thriving and you can read some of my more recent blogs and articles here and also on my Facebook page ThrivingWithJohn . I also tweet regularly.

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