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Headshot ColourMuch of what is stressful covers both how we think and how we feel, and the wiring between those two is often mixed up when we feel we don’t have the resources to cope with a challenging situation.  I know only too well how painful a stressful life can be. I’ve been there.  It’s not a nice place.

After many years in teaching I became intensively involved in helping some of my fellow teachers, many of whom were finding it increasingly hard to cope with stress. Many found the challenges of teaching arduous.  A surprising number were being bullied by insensitive (and often emotionally incompetent) senior colleagues. Others found the bureaucracy and accountability requirements just too onerous.

Although we cannot change the stressful pressures of the external world, we could do something much more effective. Instead of hoping the world would change,  we could find ways to minimise, or even eradicate, the debilitating effects of stress. We can learn to develop more resilience and empower ourselves. And it’s often much easier than you might think.

Stress may seem inevitable. But it’s not compulsory. Even if it seems that way.

So, if you feel frustrated that stress stops you flourishing, please do get in touch.

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