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What IS the Thrive Programme really all about?

The Thrive Programme is all about you. And how you react to life, not what life does TO you. As this short (2 minute) animation shows…click here

The world’s happiest people weren’t born that way. They acquired the understanding, insights, skills and resources to supercharge their lives. This is what the Thrive Programme teaches. And how you can literally turn your life around.

Confused, conscious, and challenged

I’m confused. Which is not unusual for anyone trying to understand modern life.
But I was pondering a paradox. We prize intelligence. We regard ourselves as the most intelligent species on the planet. And we are better educated than ever before in human history. Yet if we have the biggest brains (only the Neanderthals had bigger, but that’s another story!) why are so many people unhappy? Most people are dissatisfied with their lives; more than a few are downright unhappy and only a very few feel fulfilled. The quest for sustained happiness eludes us.

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