Your path to get set – for life!

It may be tempting to believe we no longer have the power, resources or motivation to improve the quality of our lives (and IF we ever DID have control of our lives, we certainly don’t now).

But that’s just a belief. And it’s just not true.  YOU can succeed where other personal development techniques flounder, because I can help you develop much more acute awareness of how thinking, feeling and reacting to situations profoundly affects how to perceive and experience life.

Unlike some other training programmes or therapies, my mindset coaching builds on a huge body of proven techniques. It is empowering because it is understandable, accessible and it certainly is not a magic formula.

On the contrary you put in the time and effort to developing a more empowering mind set that equips you to excel in life.

How is the programme delivered?

This is a structured, easy to follow training programme, that can be delivered face-to-face or via Skype, VSee or Facetime.

It normally takes only THREE sessions to see a real change. But make no mistake: this is not a passive programme: you will be doing a great deal of work.

The sessions follow an initial consultation that enables the programme to be customised to your situation. A typical programme includes numerous assessments and practical exercises.

Session:  What you believe about yourself and your psychological foundations. In this session we examine how you react the way you do to external events; your perceptions of others; and how you see yourself. These provide a powerful set of insights that will help you to understand more about what goes through your mind. We score perceptions about a range of topics and use your responses to assess changes in how you think about things, and the triggers that affect your perceptions. By the end of the session you will be much more aware of how your thinking is driven by your self esteem, your feelings about others and how you see the world in general.

Session two: Real power — putting you in real control of your life. Here we review how you value yourself, and learn to apply a range of immensely powerful techniques for elevating self-esteem, lessening anxiety, diminishing worry and developing resilience.

Session three: Do our thoughts serve us? A review of unhelpful styles of thinking. It’s often a surprise to learn just how OFTEN our thoughts fail to serve us. A review of the most commonly experienced styles of thinking will be indispensable to helping you feel much more empowered and much less anxious.

IF you have issues with a very severe inner critic, we can help you detect, and change, the negative language we use to talk to ourselves. We have numerous conversations with ourselves every day. But we are often unaware of the effect of the language we use. Changing negatives into positives bring about positive changes in our lives.

Phoenix from Phobias — from the ashes of anxiety to blossoming.  Phobias can be incredibly resistant to change. But just as you learned fear, you can un-learn fear, and not just that: you can move way beyond just dealing with a particular problem phobia —and instead set your sights on not just surviving in life but flourishing. Which means you feel empowered, resilient and so much happier!

I offer a free no-obligation 30 minute consultation so you can find out just how the programme can help you. Contact me to book your appointment now.