Stress in the workplace

One of the worst sources of stress is stress in the workplace.
For most of us, going to work is not optional, so when our workplace is stressful, that’s a major problem. Unfortunately it’s also so common that many think it’s just inevitable.
The pressures are many. They often include long working day; home-work boundaries blurred;  new demands from competition and new technology; job insecurity; management bullying; lack of engagement.
When the pressures outweigh our ability to cope it affects the quality of life and negatively impacts our health, our relationships and our mindset.
The mechanisms we use to cope vary. Some dig deep and develop resilience. Others pass the stress onto others. Or seek out distractions.
Stress in the workplace may be widespread. But it is not inevitable.
If you are finding it hard to cope, do get in touch. There is much that you can do to minimise the effects of stress.